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Why is GASTAR™ the Preferred Solution?

GASTAR is the preferred natural gas management software for some of the largest natural gas utilities in the United States, and we have put together a list of some of the top value points of the GASTAR solution.


  • 20+ years serving LDC clients in the United States

Benefit: Long term, successful product with an established LDC footprint

  • Built from the “ground up” as a LDC software solution – not as a pipeline solution with LDC business features “tacked on”

Benefit: Targeted features and processes driving financial and business efficiency

  • Thoroughly vetted by Internal Audit teams and Big 6 Accounting firms as a secure and SOX compliant software solution

Benefit: Credible internal controls and regulatory acceptance

  • Supports all LDC business functions: Gas Accounting, Contracts, Purchase and Sales, Nominations & Scheduling, Storage, Gas Supply Planning, City Gate Balancing, Retail Choice & Reporting

Benefit: Comprehensive functionality proven in a number of high profile LDC clients

  • Seamless, separate and secure transaction management for multiple LDCs within the same database structure, while supporting separate business processes. “No 2 LDC’s are alike.”

Benefit: A single solution for a set of common and dedicated features for each LDC

  • Built on current Microsoft technology with internal enhancement projects to stay up to date

Benefit: Obsolescence is not an issue nor is ongoing maintenance upgrades

  • Life cycle cost is anticipated to be substantially lower than those of ENSYTE’s primary competitors (Initial software license, implementation, and on-going support services)

Benefit: Lower overall cost of ownership for a superior LDC oriented software product.

  • Clients appreciate the dedicated support team and the personal approach to providing training and technical support.

Benefit: Personalized service promotes efficiency and full benefits from the investment

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