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UGI Reaches Final Phase of GASTAR Upgrade

HOUSTON, TX – UGI Utilities Reaches Final Phase of GASTAR Upgrade

February (Houston, TX) – ENSYTE’s longest tenure client, UGI Corporation (UGI), has entered into the final phase of upgrading from the original Visual Basic 6 version of GASTAR to ENSYTE’s new Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform. In addition to a direct conversion, the new release is being upgraded to meet UGI’s current and future business practices. UGI is a natural gas and electric utility that delivers reliable, safe, and efficient energy to 659,000 customers in 45 counties in Pennsylvania and 1 county in Maryland. UGI is regularly honored as one of the best managed utility companies.

The GASTAR solution has been in operation at UGI for almost 20 years and supports the company’s three gas local distribution companies (LDC’s): UGI Utilities, UGI Penn Natural Gas, and UGI Central Penn Gas. The product manages the full spectrum of gas acquisition and customer transportation business practices (for over 2,100 individually contracted transportation customers and 51,000 choice customers), taking daily nominations from customers and importing EFM measurement data to calculate daily imbalances.

The following software modules have been delivered as part of the GASTAR Upgrade Package:

• Deal Making (Includes Confirmations, Purchase/Sale Matching, & Asset Management Purchases)
• Gas Scheduling (Includes Pipeline Nomination File Activity, Pipeline Point Imbalance Management, Routes, Pipeline Activities, and Asset Management Scheduling)
• Capacity Releases (Includes Asset Management Releases)
• Storage Management
• Accounting Contract Processing of all Transaction Accounting Events
• Accounting Controlled Transaction Locking/Unlocking
• Security for Gas Supply Functionality

In Spring 2014, the ENSYTE team will deploy the final pieces of the complete GASTAR software package, to include: Financial Purchase/Storage Matching, Scheduling Receipt Cost Override, Storage Valuation, and Contract Entitlements. UGI is ENSTYE’s lead client and serves as the early adopter for many enhancements and new releases, so the project represents a significant milestone in ENSYTE’s strategy to finalize the full GASTAR conversion.