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Introducing GASTAR Online

ENSYTE announces the launch of GASTAR Online, a full suite of software applications for natural gas business processes. Mix and match software features from a fully integrated data and application model platform.

  • Full Range of Automated Natural Gas Business Processes from Well to Customer Meters
  • Quick and Easy Implementation of the Base Packages with Customization Available
  • Secure, Reliable Infrastructure with An Established Hosting Partner
  • Client Specific Implementation Assurance Plan for Maximum Benefit
  • Computing Resources, Software Features and Dedicated Customer Support Included
  • Low, Introductory Monthly Usage Fees with no Upfront License Fees

GASTAR Online for Gas Supply and Gas Acquisition

  • Counter Parties and Contracts
  • NAESB Compliant Gas Purchases / Sales with WACOG Cost Tracking & Platt’s Interface
  • Storage with WACOG Injection Cost, Full Value Withdrawal, and Typical Pool Attributes
  • Nominations & Scheduling and Capacity Release Processes to Shadow the Pipeline Transactions
  • Asset Management for Both Storage and Transportation Contracts
  • City Gate Balancing Including SCADA and Weather Interface with Daily Gas Plan Tracking
  • LNG & Propane Peaking Module with Purchases, Sales, and Storage Features
  • Gas Accounting to Include Shadow G/L Accounts, Accrual, Invoicing and Expense Reconciliation
  • Flexible MS Excel Exports for Ad Hoc Reporting and a Suite of KPI Reports

GASTAR Online for Customer Retail Choice and End User Transportation

  • Utilizes Standard GASTAR Contracts, Counter Party Modules from the Gas Acquisition System
  • Shadow BA-CIS Module to Parallel Customer Attributes in the Client CIS System
  • Import Cycle Read & Daily Read Measurement from Client Sources
  • Setup Third Party Marketers as Agents or Pool Managers with EBB Web Portal Support
  • Manage Flowing Gas Nominations via the EBB with Daily Validation of CG Pool Receipts
  • Calculate Demand Statistics such as Baseload, Heat Load/HDD, Design Day, Capacity, Etc.
  • Weather Import and Customer & Pool Gas Day Forecast for Cycle Read Business Processes
  • Imbalance Settlement of Daily Read and Cycle Read Pools with Formulae Based Calculations
  • Imbalance Trading on the EBB with full trading partner offers and trade confirmations
  • Interruption Management Logic for Interruptible Transportation Customers
  • Invoice Generation for Pool Mangers Either Issued Directly or Passed to the CIS System

GASTAR Online for Producer Marketing Services

  • Two Integrated Modules for Sales Business Processes and Net Back Revenue to Owner Interest
  • Gas Sales Modules includes Features Available in the Gas Acquisition Suite
  • Netback Revenue to Interest Owners Includes Gross Revenue, Deducts, and Net Revenue
  • Gathering System Setup and Maintenance Including Laterals, Meters, and Facilities
  • Pro-Rata and Directed Allocations of CDP Measurement to Well Meters over a Network
  • EBB-Web Portal Support for Owner / Operators and WI/RI Owners as Participation Factors
  • Measurement Data Capture via Interface to the Company Measurement Sources: Field Direct, EFM, Chart Reading Files, Etc.
  • Pooling and Transportation Services for Third Party Shippers on Gathering Systems