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Innovative Single-Solution Natural Gas Management Software Replaces Utility’s Four Existing Systems

Houston, TX (November 15, 2010) – In a move that is redefining how energy and power companies manage natural gas transactions, ENSYTE Energy Software Int’l is implementing a single-solution software system that replaces a Northeast U.S. Utility’s four existing systems.

The GASTAR™ software solution manages natural gas business transaction – from the wellhead to the burner tip. Through its comprehensive capabilities, GASTAR™ provides key features not only for the supply chain to distribution point of sale (POS), but also for key entities within that spectrum. That includes Marketers, Energy Service Companies, Gathering Systems, and Large End-Users such as Co-Generation, Electric Power and Gas Utilities.

For the current implementation, which includes migrating old systems and integrating with an Accounting ERP and CRM Solution, GASTAR™ will manage well head purchase and gathering for more than 4,000 wells in and around the Marcellus Shale. In addition, this comprehensive software system includes modules for Contracts, Gas Supply, and Transportation to include: Scheduling and Nominations, Pooling, and Balancing Storage. As a solution with proven effectiveness, GASTAR™ has already been implemented and maintained in four other mid-sized LDCs in the area

A fully integrated data model, GASTAR™ encompasses applications which are scalable for wide-ranging businesses that produce, transport, store and deliver natural gas to end users. When completely installed in June of 2011, the new system will accomplish every step in the continuum from gas supply and transportation to allocation and natural gas transactional accounting, ending with an automated process to the utility’s Accounting ERP and CRM Solution.