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Happy New Year

NSYTE wishes all of our clients and friends a successful and prosperous 2016. We are grateful for your continued support of our great company and look forward to serving you and your needs for responsive and accurate business solutions.

What does ENSYTE have on its plate in addition to supporting multiple GASTAR clients with training, technical support, and software maintenance tasks?

Currently, we are wrapping up an implementation of the GASTAR product as an Integrated Gas Management System (IGMS) at the largest municipally owned gas utility in the U.S., concluding the most comprehensive GASTAR installation to date to include:

Gas Supply Acquisition Modules to support all contract transactions for natural gas purchases, transportation, storage, and accounting. Heavy emphasis has been placed on tracking quantity and cost from purchases, through transportation/storage and into accounting. GASTAR reports quantity in MCF and DTH, reconciles Vendor Invoices, and generates General Ledger and Cost of Gas related PUC reporting information.

Retail Choice Modules to support Interruptible (IT) and Firm (FT) retail choice business practices of third party marketers and transportation customers. These modules are closely interfaced to the utility’s SCADA, CIS, weather imports, and tariff structures to manage daily and monthly pool targets, scheduling, imbalance positions and invoicing. The Retail Choice application includes a fully integrated internet portal, EBB, for daily communication with marketers.

City Gate (CG) Modules to provide a summary of city gate sendout and supply transactions to include:

  • Capturing gas supply forecast provided by the Gas Supply Planning Department
  • Capturing SCADA Gate Station measurement for same day assessment of supply and demand positions
  • Rolling up scheduled gas – purchases and storage transactions
  • Displaying third party marketer nominations for quick confirmation with pipeline EBB data
  • Supporting LNG vaporization with boil-off and liquefaction transactions with a daily update of LNG tank storage positions

These modules provide a ‘day after’ quick look at gas balancing at the city gate. A follow up feature will calculate the Imbalance by Pipeline to support “No Notice” storage transactions.

LNG Business Modules have been implemented for other clients that capture vaporization, boil-off, liquefaction and storage balances in DTH units. In this release, these modules are expanded to include MCF and Gallon measurement units, with appropriate conversion factors, and a module to capture third party purchase and sales metered or truck weight based transaction records.

This advancement in the GASTAR functionality includes a comprehensive role-based Security Module for assigning and managing User privileges. In addition, GASTAR has a very flexible Microsoft Excel export functionality that serves as a direct feed to the Microsoft Power Query tools for User generation of fixed template and Ad Hoc reports.

ENSYTE has also just signed our first GASTAR Online client! More details to come..