Retail Gas Marketing

ENSYTE works to support downstream processes through our comprehensive GASTAR software solution for the oil and natural gas industry. With functionality-driven modules designed specifically for retail marketing purposes, GASTAR will make managing your natgas transactions easier than ever. From retail invoices to billing information to ledger reporting and more, GASTAR puts power and control for retail marketing back into your hands.

Oil & Gas Downstream Marketing

Contracts & Accounting Management

GASTAR supports the marketing of natural gas through an integrated set of modules, focused on six core areas:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Demand and Sales Forecasting
  • Gas Supply and Financial Positions
  • LDC Interface
  • Invoicing and Collections
  • Financial Reports.

For the Retail Marketer, GASTAR manages the attraction and retention of customers through an interactive website (Electronic Bulletin Board), which automates the customer sign up process and ongoing communication. Customers have easy access to daily burn information and other reports without having to rely on staff support. A robust Contracts Module provides the flexibility to manage all business relationships including Suppliers, Pooling Tariff Structures, and Transportation Customers.

GASTAR provides a seamless interface to local distribution systems through which marketers can manage physical scheduling, real time demand positioning, management of allocations, and deliveries for accurate imbalance positions (daily and monthly). The solution also manages wholesale supply deals and financial transactions / hedges. Accurate forecasting is essential for the gas marketer, and GASTAR supports this requirement through the integration of load forecasting and weather data into growth forecasts, as well as the calculation of mass-market volumetric positions using standard retail risk factors. The system then aggregates both wholesale and retail physical / financial positions.

GASTAR’s Accounting Module has the ability to process and distribute thousands of retail invoices, including cycle billing, one bill, and sales bills. Billing information is sent to Accounts Receivable for collections and General Ledger (G/L) reporting. GASTAR tracks imbalance trading and invoicing, and performs final settlement for physical, financial, and other transactions.

GASTAR Marketer Features:

  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Contracts Management
  • Demand/Sales Forecasting
  • Supply Deals
  • Financial Positioning
  • LDC Interface
  • Physical Scheduling
  • Real Time Demand Positioning
  • Allocations & Imbalance Positions
  • Aggregation of Positions
  • Monthly Demand Profiles
  • Daily Measurement
  • Monthly Cycle Measurement
  • Margin Analysis
  • Settlement
  • Invoicing
  • G/L Reporting