GASTAR for Midstream

While often overlooked as a transitional phase between upstream and downstream, the Midstream process for the oil and gas industry is vital in getting valuable resources from well tip to burner. ENSYTE’s GASTAR software provides a reliable, data-driven resource for managing midstream processing of natural gas. From refinement and treatment to transportation, GASTAR for Midstream can handle it all. As a pioneering industry expert, ENSYTE delivers a trusted natural gas software management solution used by the oil and gas industry for years.

Natural Gas Gathering, Treatment, and Processing

GASTAR supports the business process of midstream companies engaged in gathering, treating, processing, and storing natural gas.

The Gathering Pipeline section of GASTAR connects the intrastate or interstate pipeline with producing well supply sources and related compressor and processing facilities to deliver the wellhead/meter tap gas to both the distribution network and city gate stations for potential sale off-system or on-system to other marketers. GASTAR’s Gathering/Pipeline functionality models the entire system of wells, pipelines, meters and measurement, contracts, and settlement. The solution offers a comprehensive allocation network for gathering pipelines and processing plants to track mineral rights and support marketing activity by allocating revenue, cost, energy, and volume from the multiple sales points to the supply points. Natural gas is allocated from the measurement point, which assigns a specific structure to each well based on actual measurements from SCADA, chart, and other metering devices.

GASTAR’s Plant Allocation & Accounting functionality leverages graphical displays of intraday measurement and transaction data, as opposed to tabular data reports that fail to provide an adequate operational view of the transaction patterns in the physical and contract data. The User Interface (UI) provides a rich user experience by presenting a single interface from which all GASTAR measurement and allocation business functions are launched. The interface depicts the virtual gas-flow network, which includes physical gas flow and the Contract Delivery Point (CDP) node, for linking the network with Contract terms (quality and quantity) within a single graphic representation. The data for each display box can be selected to include Volumes, MOL%, Component Volumes, Heating Value and Energy; and pop-up charts are accessible for node and stream volumes and energy; providing a readily available view of key data for managing plants and other assets.

Midstream Features:

  • Supply Sales
  • Transportation Contracts
  • Plant Measurement
  • Metering Interface
  • Scheduling / Nominations
  • Pipeline Allocation Network
  • Pipeline Rate Management
  • Virtual Gas Flow Display
  • Gas Supply Allocations
  • Pricing Module
  • Plant Allocation & Accounting
  • Settlement
  • Prior Period Adjustments
  • Forecasting