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ENSYTE Wins Corporate-Wide Implementation

HOUSTON, TX – ENSYTE announces the implementation of its GASTAR™ natural gas solution at a large U.S. distribution and transportation company. The corporate-wide project, which kicked off in January 2012, will include 4 natural gas utilities, 1 intrastate pipeline, 1 FERC-regulated interstate pipeline, and 1 non-regulated marketing company.

Collectively, the 4 utilities provide natural gas, propane gas, and electric services to over 200,000 customers. GASTAR’s functionality for Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) will streamline front, mid and back office functions for the 4 subsidiaries in managing their natural gas operations. Software modules include: Pipes/Points/Measurement, Business Associates/Counterparties, Contract Management, Gas Supply Deals & Interstate Scheduling, Interstate Storage & Peak Shaving, Capacity Release, and On-System Shipper Management with a dedicated Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB).

The GASTAR pipeline transportation features will include a seamless integration with measurement data, as well as modeling of pipeline assets, rates, and point functions. GASTAR’s sleek web-based EBB will manage all business communication relative to customers, nominations/scheduling, measurement, balancing, and invoicing. The EBB is compliant with NAESB standards for nominations, capacity release, flowing gas, informational postings, and related FERC regulations. The implementation also includes modules for Counterparty and Contact Tracking, Contracts Management, Storage Tracking, System Balancing, Invoicing/Accounting, and Reporting.

The full implementation is expected to be completed in time for the Winter 2012 Heating Season. The project coincides with further development on the upgrade of ENSYTE’s GASTAR product to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight V.5, a move that has set the product apart from its competitors in both ease of use and functionality. The latest win for ENSYTE solidifies the company’s commitment to providing its clients with one solution that seamlessly integrates the business processes natural gas supply and distribution chain.

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