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ENSYTE Partners with Data Migration and Integration Experts

The Gas Industry’s Complex Supply Chain

The supply chain for natural gas is complex and requires clear business processes to optimize operations. As natural gas production continues to grow at a rapid pace, the major players in the natural gas arena are acquiring software technology solutions to support the infrastructures necessary for their business. From gas supply and production to transportation, distribution, and marketing; natural gas companies need systems that can alleviate the heavy burden of not only managing, but leveraging the enormous amounts of data streaming from each point along the supply chain.

Migrating Data from Legacy Systems into GASTAR

During a recent implementation, a current ENSYTE client required storage of critical data from several thousand natural gas wells that had been acquired during the purchase of a subsidiary organization.The information resided in several legacy systems, including Excel and Access databases, an outdated checkfile system, and a risk management component.

The projectscope grew significantly, as more data sources were uncovered, and ENSYTE partnered with Open Source Business Consulting (OSBC) to evaluate several options for the migration.The team agreed to engage Talend Data Quality due to previous success utilizing the Talend tools for other implementation projects.With Talend’s ability to drag and drop new data sources for migration, ENSYTE was able to shave weeks, even months, off the time needed to complete the project. In addition, OSBC provided specific expertise with regards to data cleansing and validation.

Talend Enables Post Migration SAP Integration

The next phase of the project was to build an integration path between the company’s SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Management System (CMS) components, into GASTAR. OSBC and Talend were also leveraged for this part of the project, which eliminated additional timethat would have been spent on manual integration. GASTAR interfaces with various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Accounting systems for clients. Combining ENSYTE’s industry and software expertise with the unique skill sets of OSBC and Talend provides a competitive offering to natural gas companies looking to integrate and streamline business processes.

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