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ENSYTE Offers Enhanced Software Features for Midstream Service Providers

HOUSTON, TX – ENSYTE has completed the enhancement of gathering and transportation features to its newly upgraded GASTAR product, offering a fresh approach to data management for midstream service providers and transmission operators.


In essence, the enhanced solution mirrors the natural gas gathering process by collecting measurement information from existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and processing that data through a comprehensive Allocation Network to track distribution of producer mineral rights and support marketing activities. A well-defined Contracts Module holds commercial terms (such as purchase / gathering charges, fuel losses, and settlement terms, for wellhead purchase contracts), and a Meter Audit Function is used to track meters assigned to wells and keep a history of audits.

GASTAR currently tracks producer information for several clients, including its most recent implementation for approximately 800 miles of gathering and 400 miles of transmission pipelines along the Marcellus Shale. The product’s Gas Accounting Module now processes over 400 wellhead producer checks a month for the system, while performing allocations from all related compressor stations, processing facilities, and storage fields.

ENSYTE partners with Microsoft to offer web-based features using Microsoft’s latest Silverlight technology. For midstream companies in particular, the product’s web-based Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) provides a secure forum where producers can view settlement reports, maintain well divisions of interest, monitor production and gas quality, and perform other tasks in support of revenue distribution. The EBB also serves as a communication portal for marketers and shippers to perform nominations and scheduling for interstate or local transportation, pool imbalances and pool-to-pool trades, storage nominations, and City Gate transactions.

The ENSYTE Team is excited to bring these features for gathering and transportation companies onto the company’s new technology platform. As interest in the product continues to grow, ENSYTE remains committed to helping clients streamline their data and ease business processes.

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