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ENSYTE Implements Major Midstream Intrastate Gathering System

HOUSTON, TX – ENSYTE Implements Major Midstream Intrastate Gathering System

June 16, 2014 (Houston, TX) – ENSYTE is pleased to announce the implementation of GASTAR as a midstream natural gas software solution for a current client in western Pennsylvania. The GASTAR solution went into production on schedule and on budget to migrate recently acquired gathering assets that service the Marcellus and Devonian producing areas into existing high value assets already managed by GASTAR.

The client’s new system includes 2,700 miles of gathering pipeline, 8 compressor stations, with 19 compressor units, as well as over 2,200 production gas meter points delivering into the company’s larger pipeline system. The existing gathering system was comprised of almost 800 miles of gathering pipeline, with 16 compressor stations, 22 compressor units, and over 4,000 production gas meter points. Total combined assets include distribution, transmission, gathering pipelines, and storage facilities.

The GASTAR software delivers the following integrated functionality:

• Tracking full contact information for Producers, Shippers and other Counter Parties
• Administration of transportation gathering Contracts with rates and pooling provisions for Shippers in 90 marketing pools across three business units
• Wellhead gas purchase Contract administration with full net back pricing for settlement to support the purchase of production gas at the wellhead lease or the producer’s custody transfer point
• Import of daily measurement data from 8,500 natural gas meters with error detection and Prior Period Adjustments (PPA) to be handled in the current period – inclusive of master and allocation meters for accurately allocating master meter reads to subordinate producer meters
• Allocation of produced gas through related compressor stations, processing facilities, and storage fields
• Imbalance settlement at pooling points and delivery points
• Issuance of 600 +/- wellhead producer checks per month
• Producer and shipper communication over a tailored web portal, significantly increasing efficiency for data availability and information about current and historical transactions.

The client licensed GASTAR in 2010 to manage the company’s gas acquisition, transportation, storage, and accounting business practices. The software has since been expanded to support two new natural gas utility acquisitions for the same client, in addition to the midstream assets discussed above.