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ENSYTE Implements Integrated Multi-Utility Solution

HOUSTON, TX – ENSYTE has signed a contract to implement its GASTAR™ solution at a Canadian-based company with 5 regulated natural gas utilities and 1 regulated electric utility. The implementation, which began this month, provides the client with several key success factors: a standardized business process across all the utilities, the consolidation of back office functions, and an interactive customer communication platform.

The solution includes a comprehensive On-System Transportation Module, customized to support the client’s unique business processes with regards to Broker/Shipper management. The module manages third party interactions, sales, allocations to marketers, imbalances, and monthly “true ups”. GASTAR’s Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) will handle nominations, scheduling, measurement, invoice support, and information postings to the Broker/Shippers and Large Transportation End Users (LTEU).

The completion of all transactions will likely be the most time intensive part of the project, including pool balancing with trading and pushing contract transactions into accounting. GASTAR’s Accounting Module includes provisions for invoicing revenue statements, performing vendor invoice reconciliation, managing cost and revenue accrual, and managing actual reporting after all settlement calculations are made. An Electricity Module is also incorporated into the project and will accommodate load-following and full-requirements service transactions, as well as Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) purchases. The feature creates reports to support regulatory filings, including an annual power purchase reconciliation filing.

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