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ENSYTE Grows Its Consulting Services

HOUSTON, TX – As the U.S. “shale boom” continues to flourish, more and more natural gascompanies are evaluating their current gas management systems and looking to the latest software solutions to support expansion. A growth spurtparticularly in natural gas gathering systems and storage facilities has prompted many companies to move away from the uncertainty of spreadsheets and outdated technology towards a more integrated solution for all their business units.

As these organizations look to software vendors and in-house options, the ENYSTE team lends its expertise to help analyze existing systems and create a go-forward strategy. Leveraging over 30 years of experience in natural gas supply, transportation, gathering, storage, marketing, and trading; the ENSYTE team identifies business processes early on to establish system requirements. From preliminary scoping and system reviews, to full blown system implementation, ENSYTE offers a range of services to companies looking at making a change.

Although current trends point to “off the shelf” software solutions, some companies elect to leverage internal talent to build customized solutions from scratch or revise legacy systems. In this case, ENSYTE offers a team of specialiststo guide internal client personnel during the system build. Providing pre-implementation scoping, developing adetailed project plan, and coordinating the achievement of deliverables all make an enormous impact in the assurance of a successful project completion. In addition, ENSYTE now offers enhancement to clients who prefer to utilize their own in-house systems to bring the desired legacy products onto Microsoft’s latest technology platform.

The ENSYTE Team is excited to continue growing its service offering, with the collective goal of creating structured work systems that help clients feel secure and supported in their operations.ENSYTE clients find value in the team’s niche expertise with regards to gas acquisition, pooling, transportation services, nominations and scheduling, web-based bulletin boards, marketer and broker support, real-time monitoring, wellhead purchasing, gas and liquids storage, hedging, NAESB and FERC standards, SOX compliance, and more. In essence, ENSYTE bridges the gap between the business side and technical teams, shaving months off of project timelines and ensuring a cost-effective approach from the start.

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