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ENSYTE Completes Implementation of GASTAR Retail Choice

ENSYTE has completed an implementation of its natural gas software solution, GASTAR, for a natural gas utility in Florida with approximately 100,000 residential and commercial natural gas customers. GASTAR was determined to be the best fit to requirements after a thorough evaluation of competing Gas Management Software (GMS) vendors. The client elected to implement GASTAR as a hosted solution on ENSYTE’s hosted environment. The full project took approximately 1 year to complete and was delivered on time and on schedule.

The implemented solution manages the following Gas Supply functions:

  • Commodity Procurement – Gas Supply for daily/monthly/annual supply planning;
  • Capacity Release/ Optimization;
  • Pipeline Nomination/Scheduling;
  • Long Term Strategy: Capacity and Gas Commodity Procurement

As well as the following Transportation Services functions:

  • Load Forecasting;
  • Monitoring of Customer Usage (Daily and Monthly Metering Customers);
  • System Balancing:
    • Intraday Supply Requests ;
    • System Long / Short;
    • Confirmation of Third Party Suppliers Nominations;
  • Imbalance Resolution:
    • Pooling for Monthly Meter Customers;
    • Daily Meter Customers – Pool Balancing & Monthly Resolution;
  • Reporting:
    • Customers Usage Data;
    • Customer Add / Drops; and
    • Third Party Supplier Billing.

ENSYTE worked with the client to create several key data interfaces to integrate data from existing systems. The first was an interface to the client’s SCADA system, which included extracts for meter static data, aggregated daily delivery quantity data, measurement data (cycle & daily reads), and BTU factor data. The second was a Customer Load Interface program, which provides integration to the utility’s Customer Information System (CIS) for customer and premise data, as well as enrollment and billing information. The implementation also included an EDI feature to automate the confirmation process for nominations.