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ENSYTE announces a major upgrade to its GASTAR™ software solution, bringing a cost effective alternative to companies specifically focused on the natural gas industry.

HOUSTON, TX (February 14, 2011) ENSYTE Energy Software Int’l announces the release of a major upgrade to its natural gas management software solution, GASTAR. GASTAR has now become the only product of its kind utilizing the latest Windows Presentation Foundation, delivered by Microsoft’s latest Visual Studio tools. The result is a product with a sleek User Interface (UI) and standardized “out of the box” modules specifically focused on the business processes of natural gas companies. Internet browser and workstation screen functionality vastly improves usability and on-demand access.

With a growing dissatisfaction with yesteryear’s cumbersome hybrid application system and spreadsheet data management, more companies in the natural gas-related industries are looking for improvements. Already a reporting dinosaur because of error-prone entry problems and other discrepancies, companies cannot economically continue using out-dated systems, supplemented with spreadsheets, when a single-source software solution is readily available. From a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) perspective, for example, the errors caused by multiple spreadsheets and disparate data for some companies typically reaches an average of well over $100,000 per year.

Many natural gas companies have also found challenges in utilizing broad-commodity solutions and trying to mold them into a natural gas-focused solution, which requires enormous time and expense costs due to the customization required. For these reasons, more companies from the producer to the utility are utilizing the new release of GASTAR software to streamline all their information into one seamless process.

ENSYTE’s business process focus on software and technology development over billable hours translates into implementation times that are both short and cost-effective, leading to an exceptionally quick Time to Market. In the latest client installation, GASTAR is replacing 3 separate packaged software solutions on separate database systems and scores of supporting spreadsheets with a fully integrated solution. The robust gas accounting modules support a tight interface with SAP for ERP and CRM business functions. With its sharp focus on user satisfaction, GASTAR’s other new features include an Allocation Network, showing real-time information on pipelines, and other technology features to be released later this year.

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