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ENSYTE adds Web-Based Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) to Gas Supply / Transportation Software Solution.

HOUSTON, TX (June 2011) ENSYTE has added a sleek, web-based Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) to the new release of its gas supply / transportation software solution, GASTAR™. GASTAR in its redesigned User interface, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), sets a new standard for products of its kind. The accompanying EBB feature will enhance the product’s ease of use by enabling market participation interactions through an online customer portal.

ENSYTE’s move to offer a web-based EBB represents another stepping stone in the company’s overall vision to provide a comprehensive software platform that streamlines business processes from wellhead to burner tip. The tool also addresses a business requirement among natural gas utilities and pipeline operators to offer web-based resources to their customers. ENSYTE plans to offer more GASTAR application modules for web-based delivery later this year.

The ENSYTE team is currently delivering the integrated EBB to several clients who will use the feature to communicate with transportation clients for scheduling, confirmations, gas usage, and billing statements. The EBB will service all market participants through a password controlled access tobusiness functions and a secure transaction process for inserting data, maintaining records, and retrieving results. The solution handles marketer/shipper nominations and scheduling for interstate/intrastate pipelines, pool imbalances, pool to pool trades, storage nominations. It also serves as a communication portal for issuing operational flow orders, curtailment, and any other communication to market participants.

In terms of regulatory compliance, the solution supports city gate transportation customers and customer agents with nomination screens and EBB functions that are compliant with NAESB data sets and will support notification of upstream contract data for comparison with transportation bulletin boards to confirm that supplies are scheduled. The EBB facilitates maintenance of DOI records, posting of forecasted and measured gas, viewing of settlement information, and other transactions suitable for internet display. Portal screens allow drill down access from a higher transaction level to lower levels, for example from pools to customers assigned to the pool.

GASTAR’s EBB feature promises to offer clients an exceptionally easy to use platform that centralizes communication and serves as the primary touch point between a company and its customers and agent/brokers.

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