ENSYTE provides flexible, comprehensive, and feature-rich risk mitigation software solutions for managing the natural gas supply chain—from the producer/marketer to the end user/customer. Our highly customizable GASTAR software is designed by users for users to streamline oil and natural gas business processes. Mix and match the modules and features within the software to best suit your uses and needs. With our powerful, comprehensive natural gas management software (GMS), you’ll minimize risk and optimize performance in your operations to save valuable time and money.

GASTAR Value Proposition

  • Customer Focused with Support Services
  • Trusted Business Partner
  • Innovator Matching Business Needs with Functionality
  • Empower the User Community
  • Commitment to Excellence in Completing Projects
  • Product Life Cycle Support
  • Cost-Effective License & Implementation
  • Low & Very Competitive Life Cycle Cost
  • Improved Internal & External Communication
  • Reduce Financial and Organizational Risk
  • Integration with Company Systems & Policies
  • Faster and more Focused Decision Making
  • Comprehensive Reporting-Data Views & Excel Exports
  • Comprehensive and Current Security Provisions
  • Support for Sarbanes Oxley and other quality
  • Customizable, highly efficient and integrated process flow environment
  • Interfaces smoothly with SCADA, SAP, and other enterprise applications
  • Provides a single database of contracts, Counter Parties, Tariff Rate Schedules, and other structural data
  • Offers real time auto-generated emails, on-screen alerts, and Electronic Bulletin Board
  • Supports day-to-day reconciliations, hence faster month-end invoicing
  • Incorporates a web-based portal to interface with shippers, etc.
  • Provides a real-time operationalizing of NWC
  • Provides world-class gas contracts administration
  • Reduction of Manual Data Entry, Errors, and Risk Exposure

GASTAR Flexibility

GASTAR can be offered as an off-the-shelf “plug-n-play” product or as a fully customized system. ENSYTE offers flexible options with regards to hosting environments for GASTAR. We have clients who house GASTAR on their own environment, as well as clients that host the solution using other services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). ENSYTE also partners with Airdesk Solutions to provide a hosted environment for GASTAR for a monthly fee. Visit our Hosting Options page to learn more.

GASTAR Hosting Options

  • Client-Owned Environment
  • ENSYTE Hosted Environment
  • Other Hosting Services (Amazon Web Services, Azure, etc.)

Learn more about Hosting Options


GASTAR Technology

Another differentiator for ENSYTE is the company’s longstanding emphasis on technology, as opposed to generating billable hours, which translates into a significant focus on investing time and resources back into GASTAR™. The product has evolved through the Microsoft technology environment since inception and most recently was converted to the latest workstation and database technology utilizing the Visual Studio DOT.NET and WPF development tools. ENSYTE recently updated the Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) application to HTML5. This technical base offers a long deployment life with minimal annual resource allocations for upgrades. Full adherence to the Microsoft software development and deployment tool sets assures the GASTAR™ client of long-term deployment and return on investment.