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2013 GASTAR Product Update


ENSYTE has had a busy 2013, and we’re gearing up for an even better 2014! The development and implementation teams have been working closely with clients, both new and existing, to implement the upgraded version of our GASTAR product, the premiere solution for managing natural gas business processes from wellhead gathering to gas utility burner tip consumption. We are pleased to share some of this information with you.

ENSYTE’s longest tenure client in Pennsylvania, after using the original GASTAR product for over 15 years, has migrated many of its business processes to the new GASTAR technology platform. With 3 natural gas utilities serving over 600,000 customers, the GASTAR platform manages a broad array of business processes, to include: Contracts for Interstate and On-System Transportation Counter Parties; Natural Gas Acquisition; Scheduling, Transportation and Storage; Capacity Release; Asset Management; Measurement; Marketer Pooling; Accounting and Security.

Another Pennsylvania client has expanded the scope of the product to include an integrated gathering system for an estimated 160 producers and 7,000 meters. The integrated gathering system extension supports client wellhead purchases and 3rd party transportation pooling business practices, with all parties having access to an Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) to monitor contact terms, review invoice support data, and communicate with client staff. In addition to the comprehensive gathering business practices, the client also fully implemented the Gas Acquisition and Transportation Customer Modules. The Marketer Support modules includes pooling operations, measurement, imbalances, on-system storage and other business processes for managing retail choice and transportation customers.

A Florida gas utility client reached Go-Live status with a comprehensive on-system set of GASTAR modules with the Gas Acquisition and Scheduling Modules to go live after the Customer Transportation Modules. GASTAR replaced a large number of spreadsheets and Microsoft Access databases to capture transportation customer data, measurement, consumption targets, marketer pooling, imbalances and invoicing. Across 3 gas utilities, GASTAR supports over 75,000 customers with about 17,000 receiving daily measurement, smart meters, and the balance on cycle reads. The application includes a tight integration with the CIS system to track daily customer transfers to pools, and to track all non-CIS business processes. This implementation is unique due to the large number of transportation and system supply customers and the real-time integration with measurement and data capture devices.

In 2013, ENSYTE also extended the GASTAR product to include NAESB 2.0 business practices for interstate pipelines. The first client, an East Coast pipeline, is working with the ENSYTE team to implement this comprehensive transportation solution, which will become the system of record for 2014. Major functionality includes extensive capacity release features required to support shipper and end-user contract management. NAESB compliant EBB software is included in the GASTAR pipeline system.
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